Moulded Products Manufacturer


  • FIFO Methodology practice in both FG and Raw Material Area
  • Effective PPC control to Satisfied customers needs and Requirement
  • Controlled Manufacturing Process through GMP
  • Having special molding techniques like dust free molding Environment And Gas Assisted Injection molding
  • Centralized Material conveying System for Effective Material usage and Controls .
  • Effective Process controls through process monitoring on every three hours frequency by Patrol Inspection
  • Effective Customer Support Through immediate Response and resolve the issues by 8D Methodology within stipulated time frame
  • Equipped with Paint Shop facility with Spray painting and screen printing
  • Customer complain corrective action will be updated on FMEA
  • All level people involvement to reduced rejection PPM by CQPQ Methodology
  • Employee Motivation program like best Performance Award
  • Equipped with High Class Quality Lab facility including like VMS, Spectrometer and necessary Raw material testing Equipments.











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